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With so many solution providers to choose from, why should you choose SRInfosoft IT Services?

Business Gain Focused

Here at srinfosoft, we get very excited when we hear about the latest technology gadgets. Yes we are geeks and yes, we probably do spend too much time knee-deep in code than is deemed to be healthy. But one thing is in no doubt - the gadgets have to pay their way. Each and every step of your project is measured primarily by its business gain, that is how much time or money will it make or save you. if we help our you to be commercially viable, not surprisingly it has a habit of helping us too.


Every project presents srinfosoft with a unique set of challenges; hardware, software, network, platform, devices and browsers all vary. After each project, srinfosoft pool all of the new learning into a shared knowledge base. With each developer being able to develop as many as 12 systems each year, this creates a huge bank of valuable guidance. This means we often know the challenges you are about to encounter before you ask and know exactly how we will address them without wasting your time (or money).

Toolset Choice

Each week our developers are given an allocation of time to research and test new tools, techniques and trends that can deliver a technical or commercial advantage. We are not afraid to venture away from industry fashions to deliver a better return on your investment. This pioneering approach has frequently allowed our customers to gain an unfair advantage by commissioning systems at up to 40% of expected cost and in half the expected time.

Customizable Frameworks

Many of our business solutions start in the same way; all needing some form of navigation, security and privilege management and of course the ability to add, delete, modify, sort and find database records of some sort. We call this a framework. Now of course there is no point in developing the same framework over and over again. So instead we develop it just ONCE, but we develop it WELL, taking our time to write smart, robust, scalable code. By building each framework ‘once and well’ and then customising it for your purpose, we are not only able to save you development time and expense but also maintain a very high quality of output.


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